4×6 Greeting Card Template Photoshop

There are many other creative ways in which this template can be used. Using a color wheel is one way that one can alter the design. The four colors in the wheel can be used to create an overall color scheme that is unique to the person who is receiving the card. The way that the colors are arranged in the card can also be used in a way to create intrigue. For example, by arranging the colors in a way that they intermix, there is a greater chance that the recipient will see something that catches their eye. This will increase the chances that they will read the message on the card.

4x6 Greeting Card Printing 4×6 Template Photoshop

4x6 Greeting Card Printing

4x6 Greeting Card Template 4×6 Photoshop

4x6 Greeting Card Template

Photo Insert Greeting Cards 4x6 Card 4×6 Template Photoshop

Photo Insert Greeting Cards 4x6

4x6 Photo Greeting Cards Card 4×6 Template Photoshop

4x6 Photo Greeting Cards

4x6 Greeting Card Template Photoshop 4×6

4x6 Greeting Card Template Photoshop

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