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Western NY's leading source for inspiration to the African American community. WUFO 1080 AM is a Stellar
Award-nominated station that features gospel music, blues, neo soul, Christian rap, talk shows, community news,
sports show, local church broadcasts,  breaking news and feature stories impacting the urban community.
could win! All you have to do is go “apple pickin'” with
your favorite station for inspiration in Western NY.

In the coming weeks, WUFO will be in
10 different
throughout the city of Buffalo with a basket full
of apples for our listeners.

So then, how can you pick an apple to be automatically
entered to win an Apple iPad Mini?


WUFO will have 100 numbered apples. Only one
apple will have the winning number.
travels to these 10 different locations around the city, all
you need to do is show up and pick an apple from the
WUFO table to qualify for a chance to win an iPad Mini.

To increase your chances of winning, follow us to several

Each “apple picker” will write their name and phone
number next to their apple's number on the WUFO sheet
provided at each location.


Tuesday Jan 21
Doris Records, 286 E. Ferry 4-5pm

Wednesday Jan. 22
Best fitness, 1999 Elmwood Ave. 3-4pm

Saturday Jan. 25
Vapor City,  2920 Bailey Ave. 3-4pm

Check back for more dates and listen to WUFO MIX 1080
AM for exciting updates.